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The School of Inner Light offers Reiki training courses and workshops for all levels, from 1st Degree through to Master Teacher, and training in Angelic Multidimensional Healing (AMD) to all levels, from Pre-Practitioner through to Teaching Master. This page gives an overview of our teaching in these hands-on energy-based therapies. It includes some background on the history of Traditional Reiki; our philosophies as Reiki Master Teachers and Angelic Multidimensional Healing Teaching Masters and what to expect from our teaching.

From here you can link to a page about the Angelic Multidimensional Healing System, which we developed from our own experiences with the Angelic Realms and a variety of hands-on healing modalities, and another page about our Usui/Tibetan Reiki training.

For dates of currently scheduled courses in either modality, go to our "Current Year Courses" page.


We (Mark and Hilary) began our Reiki training in 1997, and completed our Master Teachers training at the start of 2000. Since then we have taught and attuned over 70 people to Reiki, and taught over 120 separate course at all levels from stage 1 to Master Teacher. Mark has also been a working practitioner for nearly 15 years, and so we have plenty of experience of working with and teaching Reiki. Furthermore, our Reiki lineage is very short - with only 7 Reiki Masters between ourselves and Mikao Usui (and 2 between us and William Lee Rand, whose attunement methods we prefer to use) - thus you may be assured that you are being taught material that is very close to the original Reiki source.

our teaching philosophies:

All prospective students who have not worked with us before will be invited to talk with us before being accepted onto a course, and those potential students who are new to Reiki or AMD are also advised to experience a healing session with us before making their commitment. It is important that each student is comfortable with us as their teachers, and that we feel the student is ready and able to learn through us. Reiki and AMD are profound experiences which often lead to changes taking place at  physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual levels. The prospect of such changes, and any challenges these may bring, needs to be fully considered before embarking on the process. Having said that, it is our belief that any changes that take place are always for the ultimate Highest good of each individual, and will only be experienced at the level that each person can safely cope with. The other reason for meeting with us is so that we may be sure that the time is right for the new energies to be accepted into their energetic system and that (with Reiki at least) any previous attunements (if received) have been fully integrated. Those students who use their Reiki and AMD regularly (on themselves especially) will usually integrate the energies quicker than those who do not! So too will those who use or work with subtle energies on a regular basis, or those who are actively working towards personal development on a spiritual level.

We feel that it is not right to rush the attunement process and try to force the energy system to make changes too fast, and indeed that it could even be dangerous to do so. This is why we do not offer "fast-track" courses or teach more than one degree / level at a time. Neither do we agree with the latest trend towards distance Reiki attunements over the internet! Although it is possible to pass attunements at a distance, we feel that this method is for emergency use only, and that there is no acceptable substitute for hands-on learning from a properly qualified Reiki or AMD Master, fully supported by manuals and plenty of time for practising and asking questions. Following the Reiki path and /or working with the Spirit of AMD requires commitment and dedication, and "instant" fixes are not demonstrating a mastery of anything! We have come across instances where distance Reiki attunements have not been carried out properly, leaving the attunement incomplete, or lodged in the incorrect place in the energy body. For anyone who has been attuned in this way, and who feels that something about their energy system is not right, we (and most responsible Reiki Masters) will look at your energy system, and check that all is as it should be, and if necessary offer remedial action.

our classes:

All classes are usually kept small, with a maximum of four to a session for traditional Reiki and six in the Angelic Multidimensional Healing System, which requires less floor space. Tuition on a one-to-one basis can be given for either course, although a minimum of two students is preferred to make practising the techniques more practical. Full manuals, snacks and hot/cold drinks (and for some courses a simple lunch as well) are included in the fee. We are always available for back-up and advice following any of our courses and our students may join in a future course at the same level to refresh their knowledge at any time for a small nominal fee. For details of courses now being booked, go to our "Course Dates" page. If we do not have what you want scheduled, contact us and we will try to accommodate you.

training - levels/degrees and intervals between them:

For those wishing to study and practise Reiki or AMD for themselves a consecutive series of initiations and attunements along with lots of practical hands-on experience is offered in a variety of forms:

Students may choose to study Reiki to any level, starting with Usui Reiki 1. It is recommended that a minimum of 3 months elapses between taking Reiki 1 and 2, and a minimum of 12 months between Reiki 2 and Master Practitioner. This is to allow sufficient time for the student to practice and feel confident in their abilities, and for the energies to integrate fully. Reiki Master Teacher may be taken any time after a minimum of  21 days has elapsed following Master Practitioner level, if the student wishes to learn to teach and attune others to Usui / Tibetan Reiki.  Three additional workshops are also offered for those who wish to extend and enhance their practice, which each offer a Certificate of Continued Professional Development. Follow this link to learn more.

Usui / Tibetan Reiki 1 (this may be taken at any time you are ready for it)

Usui / Tibetan Reiki 2 (this may be taken at any time after Usui Reiki 1 has been integrated, but after at least 3 months has elapsed)

(OPTIONAL) 2 x "Entry level" workshops for Professional Reiki Practitioners (suitable for anybody who is currently (or is planning) to work as a professional Reiki Practitioner. These may be attended any time after a minimum of Reiki 2 has been assimilated)

Usui / Tibetan Reiki Master Practitioner (this may be taken any time after Usui Reiki 2 has been fully integrated, but after at least 12 months has elapsed)

(OPTIONAL) 1 x "Advanced level" workshop for Professional Reiki Master Practitioners (suitable for anybody who has been working for some time as a Reiki Practitioner. This may be attended any time after a minimum of Reiki Master Practitioner has been assimilated)

Usui / Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher (this may be taken any time after Usui Master Practitioner has been given)

Students may choose to study Angelic Multidimensional Healing to any level, starting with AMD "Angel-Heart" Healing OR Practitioner. It is recommended that for those wishing to advance their progress an absolute minimum of 7 months elapses between taking Practitioner and Master Practitioner, and around a minimum of 12 months (as a general guide) between Master Practitioner and Master Teacher, if the student wishes to learn to teach and attune others to AMD (starting with stages 1-3). This is to allow sufficient time for the student to practice and feel confident in their abilities, and for the energies to integrate fully. Follow this link to learn much more.

Angelic Multidimensional Healing System - introductory level "Angel-Heart" Healing for self-healing and personal growth; family and friends (and pets!) only (may be taken at any time you feel you are ready for it).

Angelic Multidimensional Healing System - stages 1 and 2 to Professional Practitioner level (may be taken at any time you feel you are ready for it).

Angelic Multidimensional Healing System - stage 3 to Master Practitioner level (following on from level 1 and 2, and when those energies are fully integrated - at a minimum of 7-11 months).

Angelic Multidimensional Healing System - stage 4 to Master Teacher level (qualifying you initially to attune others to Stage 3 inclusive) once all other levels have been integrated and you prove able to hold and work with the required level of energies.

Angelic Multidimensional Healing System - stage 5 to Teaching Master level (qualifying you to attune others to Stage 4 inclusive) once all other levels have been integrated and you prove able to hold and work with the required level of energies.

THE background OF traditional REIKI AND AMD:

In its original Japanese (Usui) form Reiki is an ancient system of spiritual development and a method for healing which was rediscovered in the mid 1800s by Dr Mikao Usui after many years of study and meditation (read more at "The Recent History of Reiki" further down this page). 

The Reiki system is believed by many to have originated in Atlantis or earlier, primarily as a discipline for personal and spiritual development. Originally its aim was not to study a method for healing oneself and others: instead such abilities tended to develop as a consequence of personal growth as a person's energy system developed along with their understanding of their spiritual and energetic nature. These fundamentals of personal development and spiritual growth still retain their importance in the original Japanese Usui Reiki system practised in the East today.

Before Atlantis fell much wisdom was dispersed around the world and as a consequence the Tibetan and Seichem forms of Reiki took root and developed in Tibet and Ancient Egypt respectively. Usui Reiki works primarily with Earth energy, whilst the Tibetan style used in the attunement process we teach introduces the Fire element. The Angelic Multidimensional Healing System (AMD) is based upon Shamballa Reiki, which draws its symbolism from a range of Reiki systems, including those of Tibet and Egypt. AMD works with celestial and galactic multi-dimensional energies, and is most likely to resonate with those who work or wish to work with the Higher, Galactic and/or Celestial Kingdoms of Light.

Dr. Usui onwards:

Reiki is believed to be a Buddhist offspring of Qigong, with Shinto influences. It is an ancient healing form rediscovered in the late 19th Century by Dr. Mikaomi Usui. The original Usui movement was called Usui Shiki Ryoho, and the method called Usui Reiki Ryoho (the Usui Reiki Healing method).

Usui Sensai

MIKAO USUI was born in 1865 and entered a Tendai Buddhist school near Mt. Kurama at the age of 4. He studied many things there, including Kiko - a Japanese version of Qigong, which is a health and healing discipline based on the development and use of Life Energy. When he was older he travelled extensively in China and Europe to further his education in medicine, philosophy, religion and fortune telling. In 1914 he went on a 21-day meditation retreat at Kurama, and it was here that he underwent his "great enlightenment" into Reiki energies. It is said that he "saw" the symbols coming towards him in waves of light, and that as they entered his crown chakra he "knew" what they were for, and how to use them. In 1922, having worked with and developed his healing system based on these energies, he moved to Tokyo, and started a healing Society. Here he gave treatments and taught classes, showing students how to work with Reiki energy. These classes were in levels and degrees - 1st degree (4 levels), 2nd Degree (2 levels) and Master degree (2 levels). For the Japanese students of the original system, each level could take years to master. In his lifetime Usui travelled widely throughout Japan, and directly taught over 2000 students and initiated 16 Masters. He died in 1926.

One of the Masters initiated was CHUJIRO HAYASHI. He continued to teach Reiki and treat patients, as did other students and Masters initiated by Usui. In fact in 1940 there were at least 40 Reiki schools throughout Japan, and training in the Usui traditional methods have continued to be passed on to native Japanese people since then by / through these Masters. In all Hayashi initiated 13 Reiki Masters before his death in 1941.

For us in the West however, things were to change. Hayashi brought Reiki to Hawaii, and thus to the USA, when he met Mrs HAWAYA TAKATA. He initiated her as a Master in 1938, and it is through her that the title "Grand Master" came about. She was declared Grand Master (although it is not known by whom) on Hayashi's death. Mrs. Takata taught Reiki to many people in the West, and had some very strict rules regarding its' teaching - high fees were charged to students wishing to learn it; students were not allowed to take notes; all teaching was purely verbal (no written copies of the symbols were allowed either) and she advocated loyalty to the same Master Teacher. It is thought these changes were to make the system more acceptable to Westerners, who were thought to value everything by cost, and to have no interest in spiritual discipline for its own sake. In all Mrs. Takata initiated 22 Masters, and passed on the title of Grand Master to her daughter PHYLLIS LEI FURUMOTO on her death in 1980.

Since then Western Reiki has split, firstly into 2 main factions (partly because some Masters disagreed with some or all of Mrs. Takata's stringent rules, especially those regarding charges), and then has developed several off-shoots, as various Masters have chosen to change or add to the original system (by experiment or by "receiving" new information from Higher sources.)

In Reiki we teach and work with mainly the Tibetan / Usui version which was developed by William Lee Rand, based on the original methods taught by Dr. Usui but with some additions that have Tibetan Buddhist sources.

becoming a professional practitioner:

If you choose to become a Reiki or AMD practitioner and work with members of the public, we always recommend that you join a professional organisation and obtain professional indemnity insurance:
The UK Reiki Federation is a very good place to find out more if you are training in Reiki - there is a link on our web links page. This organisation (rightly in our view) will only accept you as a full member once certain conditions are satisfied, one of which is the production of your Reiki lineage, showing that your training can be traced back to Dr. Usui. Mark and I have a fairly short lineage, with only four other Masters between us and Phyllis Lei Furomoto at Master Teacher level.
IPTI (Independent Professional Therapists Institute) and The Healers Federation accepts you as a member if you are  AMD trained, or if you are adding AMD to a Reiki qualification the UK Reiki federation accepts AMD as an "add-on" therapy.

our own experience of reiki and amd:

Our own traditional Reiki, Seichem, Cartouche and Blue Star Mastery and AMD experiences each resulted in huge leaps forward in our spiritual growth and psychic development and have proved of invaluable help in treating family, friends and clients. An element of Reiki healing with these Energies nearly always plays a major part in our treatment sessions and we have found that using a combination of crystals and energy work is very effective, both in "live" and absent healing sessions, which is what led us to develop our own unique Diploma course doing just that! The Power and potential of Reiki and AMD is not to be underestimated and we feel that working with their energies and teaching their methods to others must be fully respected.

HEALING shares:

All those who have studied Reiki and/or AMD with us to any level are welcome to attend our meetings, where we share healing, news and updates as well as meet Reiki and Angelic friends old and new. Donations welcomed to cover costs. See our calendar page for full dates.