crystal journeys
to ancient Egypt

osiris sitting with his crook and flail
Picture © Murray Hope - The Cartouche

This page tells you about our "Crystal Journeys to Ancient Egypt" workshop, which works with many Gods, Goddesses and Archetypes of Ancient Egypt. It will be especially helpful for those who have had Egyptian past-lives or who work with Egyptian guides, and interestingly we are also finding these Archetypal energies coming forwards to assist with our Ascension teachings. This 2 or 4 day workshop is particularly fascinating if you work with Seichem or Blue Star Reiki, or use the Egyptian Cartouche developed by Murray Hope. To learn more about the archetypes listed below, follow this link to our sister site to see our pages on Ancient Egypt

about the workshop:

The workshop will be divided into 4 parts, and there will be an opportunity to experience and work with one of the archetypes named in each section over the 4 mornings/afternoons (or full days). We will also be using visualisation and journeying techniques to introduce us to the energies and concepts of each set of archetypes to begin each half-day (or day).

Part 1: Isis, Nepthys, Buckle of Isis, Ptah, Thoth, Uraeus
Many of the first steps in the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools began by concentrating on bringing forth right brain (intuitive) skills. Sisters Isis and Nepthys represent our dual natures, balance each other and are strongly connected with all the intuitive and magical arts. Isis works here to prepare us for the growth of intuitive skills that we need as individuals and may prepare our energy centres for this through initiation, whilst Nepthys works on helping us recognise other intuitive senses that we may use to serve others better. If we want to progress and learn how to create our own reality we also need to prepare our bodies, minds and spirits for growth and learning, acquiring knowledge, learning wisdom and understanding the wise use of power. For this Buckle of Isis aids us with the preparatory work , Ptah with our blueprints and foundations, Thoth with development and improvement of our plans and Uraeus prepares us for consequent energy changes and in learning about control of the energy.

Part 2: Ankh, Horus, Scarab, Hathor, Set
It is also beneficial for us to be whole, balanced and in good health on all levels if we want to make progress. We need to be whole ourselves and know how to receive wisdom and healing if we want to help others to heal and grow. Ankh helps us with root causes of illness (sometimes karmic), which we need to clear in order to heal ourselves, whilst Horus also clears and renews us in preparation for passing energy of any kind to others. One part of becoming whole or healed is dealing with old negative energy which often blocks our emotional or mental bodies. It is also helpful to the ascension process to clear and transmute as much of this "stuff" as we can, even if the process is painful. We may also find parts of ourselves that are not as clear and "spiritual" as we would like, and perhaps want to understand why we have these and what we can do about them. Scarab helps us see positive consequences from negative situations and has the ability to allow us to make clearance without confrontation. Hathor helps us work with the immense "warrior" power we have for self-transformation, whilst Set clearly shows us our dark side and makes us confront our fears and negativities. Having the courage to confront, explore and understand these with him has life-changing potential.
(There is some application from Maat in the next section on, who can help us with justice and forgiveness.)

Part 3: Maat, Bast, Ra, Crook & Flail, Winged Disc, Sphinx, Anubis
To attain an introspective state where we can journey within to explore our feelings or have the freedom to allow our minds to roam freely is a useful and valuable tool to help us learn and grow. So too is finding a safe sacred space to commune with our Higher Selves, Guides or other Beings of Light who wish to advise or guide us. Sometimes we need to have time and space to see our way clear of problems, and at other times we need some wise and balanced guidance from Higher sources. The first three layouts are more to do with introspection: Maat helps us clear and balance our heart and learn to be compassionate and fair (she also can help with the previous section on clearing negativity); Bast gives us a breathing space and an opportunity to explore our thoughts and emotions dispassionately and Ra enables us to sense energies at a Cosmic level and recall what it is like to simply exist and BE. Crook and Flail may be either introspective, helping us find our inner strength and self-belief and (like the four that follow on from it) can bring our Guides closer if we want their support and input. Winged Disc works through our higher chakras to bring us wisdom and mastery from Higher dimensions, whilst Sphinx (1) and (2) are connected with accessing deeper or "off-planet" mysteries / wisdom. Anubis connects you with his wise energy which can help you find the solution to anything that hinders you on your life path.

Part 4: Pyramid, Osiris
To lift our vibrational rates requires a great deal of clearance and adjustment to take place on all levels over a period of time. Without this too much change would come too fast to cope with and we might simply "burn up". Small gradual changes are also easier to absorb and ground fully into the energy bodies, thus making it less likely we will reject them and have to start again! The changes we make also help prepare our physical bodies for the adjustments that will take place on a cellular level, making the transition process easier to cope with. The final layouts work specifically on preparing our energetic and physical bodies for the processes of initiation and ascension. Pyramid represents the temple of initiation and rejuvenation (resurrection) and repairs, renews and prepares us for change. Osiris gives us the gift of intense preparation and clearance for the final initiation which we may ask to take with him when we have proven ourselves and are truly committed to our path.

Cost for 2-day workshop £140; 4-day workshop £280 - to include handouts and refreshments.