statue meditating with rose quartz crystals
Amitayus and Moldavite
picture © Mark Brittain 2008

This page brings you some information energy protection and about our one-day workshop on psychic (energetic) protection. If you work in any kind of healing or caring profession, or meet or mix with a wide range of people during your daily life, it would benefit to you to learn a little about how to take care of your energy field and system. This workshop introduces you to the whys and wherefores of energy protection - what it is, why it is needed and how you may do it.

We are continually surrounded by and receptive to energy in all its forms at all times - and this energy can be of a benign and positive nature or of a less desirable nature. The types of less desirable energies we may be vulnerable to include: Our own negative thoughts and emotions; other people's emotions and physical symptoms; geopathic stresses from the natural and man-made environment around us; psychic attachment by people, beings and thought-forms; unintentional psychic attack or deliberate psychic attack (often fuelled by anger, jealousy, hatred etc.)

It is of vital importance that all Light Workers and healers understand the need for effective psychic protection in their daily and working lives. Too many of us are open to energies we would be better off without! Never assume that you are automatically protected because you are following a spiritual path, and when working with others don't make the mistake of assuming that when you are in a group situation the space is protected and cleared, or that all your co-workers are of a high or positive vibration. You should understand that for energetic reasons a group always works at the level of the lowest common denominator. Also never assume that the group's leader will automatically take responsibility for protection of the space - a good leader will - but do not assume it! Remember: you are responsible for your own protection!

Energy field protection (sometimes called psychic protection) might simply be defined as "Anything that strengthens our auric field and creates a safe space for our personal energy." It is an impermeable barrier, subtle and invisible to normal sight, which will keep out unwanted intrusions and prevent leakage of our personal energies whilst allowing us to receive positive and desirable energies and input. It should enhance our natural defence mechanisms and bolster our auric field. Ideally it needs to be: quick and easy to use; in harmony with our own way of thinking; something that feels right and safe to us as individuals; instantly accessible.

This workshop will aim to explain what psychic protection is, why it is needed and how to recognise when it is needed. It will suggest, demonstrate and teach some effective cleansing and clearing routines plus techniques for cleansing and protecting both the Self and the home and work place.

Cost £70 to include handout and refreshments.