Lotus of the heart gold, blue, pink and white petals from center
Picture © Hilary Hargreaves

The Lotus of the Heart two-day workshop will work with four pairs of Archangelic twin-flames through a series of Guided Visualisations. These Great Archangelic Beings will help you ground, energise and balance the three-fold Flames of your heart - thus awakening your awareness to The Lotus of your Heart (*see more further down this page).

The schedule for the workshop is as follows:
DAY ONE - morning: Chamuel and Seraphina awaken the Pink Flames of Divine Love and Compassion.
DAY ONE - afternoon: Michael and Mikaela awaken the Blue Flames of Divine Will and Power.
DAY TWO - morning: Jophiel and Lucida awaken the Yellow Flames of Divine Wisdom and Understanding.
DAY TWO - afternoon: Gabriel and Annunciata ground the Pearl-white Flames of Purification and Protection, which will surround and inspire the awakened Divine Lotus of Enlightenment.

The workshop may also be extended to run over 4 days, so that 1 full day is spent working with each of the Archangelic pairs, enabling a greater understanding to be gained of the Power and Potential of each of the Flames.

The cost for this 2-day workshop is £160 (£300 for 4 days)


The Lotus of the Heart is a multi-dimensional energy construct that we are required to develop and understand as a fundamental part of our soul's journey throughout all Earthly lifetimes. It is located within the Gaia (Heart/High Heart) centre; and holds and sustains the 3-fold Flames of the Enlightened Heart - those of Divine Wisdom, Will and Love. Each flame-like 'petal' is made of condensed Light; and each layer of petals can open and close to reveal (or conceal) the bud at the core, which holds an Emerald sealed inside a 'Melchisadek Star'. When fully awakened the Lotus of our Heart establishes a permanent conscious connection to our Christed-self.

All three layers are surrounded by pearl-white petals, which protect, purify and energise all those within: these are the Flames of Hope, overseen by Archeia Annunciata, the Lady Hope. They are etherically linked with Archangel Gabriel's crystal-white Flame at the Seat of the Soul, which holds and purifies the space wherein a Higher-template known as the Lotus of the Soul is situated. (NB: Grounding and activation of the Lotus of the Soul may only occur once the Lotus of the Heart is fully opened and the 3-fold Flames are in perfect balance, AND when the Emerald at its core is ready to be released.)